Product Care

Taking Care Of Cotton and Linen Napkins
All of our cotton and linen napkins can be laundered at home with great care. They should be delicately washed in cold water with regular detergent. With our crochet or battenburg lace napkins however, dry cleaning is strongly recommended in order to preserve the delicate lace fringes. When selecting a detergent, it is essential to make sure that the detergent does not contain any bleach products. If stains are present on the linen napkins, they should be treated immediately using a special linen stain remover. Stains on cotton napkins may be treated with most off the shelf stain removers, however you should stay away from harsh solvents and bleaching products such as chlorine, peroxide or sodium carbonate.

Cotton and linen napkins may be dried in a machine dryer, but should be removed while they are still slightly damp. Because linen wrinkles extremely easily, linen napkins should be spread on a large surface and pressed with a hot iron immediately after they are removed from the dryer.

If your napkins are monogrammed, lay the napkin with the embroidered side face down on a towel and press the napkin on the reverse side.